Get 2TB Zoolz “Lifetime Cloud Storage” Powered By Amazon AWS Just For $50


Short Bytes: Our today’s deal for you is the 2TB cloud storage from the house of Zoolz. It’s basically a combination of two plans. 1TB instant storage and 1TB cold storage to keep data for a longer time. You can get both of them at a reduced price of $49.99.

Nowadays, most of our data lives on digital storage media including magnetic hard drives, SSDs, USB sticks, and maybe optical disks. But our ever increasing data size compels us to buy more storage. Or what if the hard drive runs into some problem, and data is like, poof!

Cloud-based storage is a good alternative to reduce the situation of expected data loss, or the hard drive filled up to the brim. Zoolz Dual Cloud 2TB is great 2-in-1 storage plan that you can get for as low as $50. And you have the freedom to upload your data to Zoolz cloud for lifetime.

Zoolz is a known cloud storage provider with clients including leading names like Dell, Canon, Steve Madden, etc. It’s offering an instant 1TB cloud back where you store the data you regularly use. Another 1TB is the archive storage which houses the less important data you rarely require in your day to day activities.

Get This Deal For $49.99

Under the hood, Zoolz cloud is powered by Amazon AWS infrastructure. It protects your data using a military grade 256-bit AES encryption before uploading it the cloud. Other features include the ability to control network bandwidth, automatic backup and ability schedule a backup, thumbnail preview for images. Also, the software doesn’t require much hardware resources. It can work on a computer with RAM as low as 512MB.

Zoolz archive backup is a 1TB cold storage which can be used to keep your data for a long time. The data can be retrieved from the Zoolz cold storage with a few hours from the request initiation.

Be real quick and get your hands on the $49.99 offer on Fossbytes deals.

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