YouTuber Who Gave Tootpaste-Filled Oreo To Beggar Banned For 5 Years

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Two years ago, YouTuber ReSet became more famous (or rather infamous) when he gave a beggar toothpaste-filled Oreo cookies and created controversy around him. The YouTuber has now been banned from using the Google-owned video platform for five years.

According to a report by El Pais, Kanghua R. (now 21) has also been sentenced to 15 months in jail along with a fine of €20,000, serving as punishment for his crime against ‘moral integrity.’

Following the court order, the restriction from using YouTube includes the deletion of the ‘ReSet’ YouTube channel. Also, he can’t create any new channel during that period.

However, he’ll not be serving the sentence because he’s a first time offender. In such cases, Spanish law usually suspends prison sentences that are less than two years long.

For those who don’t know, the young YouTuber, back in 2017 gave a homeless beggar €20 and Oreo biscuits stuffed with toothpaste. He recorded the scene as part of a challenge requested by one of his subscribers on YouTube.

While the apparent motive to film the video (which was eventually taken down) was just in ‘joke’, it did not turn out like that and the beggar became sick after consuming the cookies.

At the time, Kanghua’s YouTube channel had around 1.1 million subscribers and the controversial video helped him earn €2,000 from the ad revenue of the video.

Following much criticism and controversy, ReSet also filmed another video, spending a night with the beggar and giving him €300 — trying to come clean in front of the various people criticizing him. The court has now ordered him to pay €20,000 to the beggar.

Furthermore, it is suggested that the ‘ReSet’ channel was famous for videos like these which also included the incident of the YouTuber serving sandwiches with cat poop to old people and children.

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