YouTuber’s Wife Jokes About Pasta PC — He Actually Makes One

Pasta PC
Credit: Laplanet Arts

A YouTuber named Micah Laplante has made a Pasta PC on his YouTube Channel called Laplanet Arts. The channel mostly consists of tech product reviews and has around 300 subscribers.

All that changed when his video titled ‘I made a PC out of pasta and it WORKED’, the video reached up to 33,000 people and he gained 100 subscribers more in the process.

How Pasta PC Came to be?

According to the Youtuber himself, he decided to make Pasta PC a reality due to a joke made by his wife. He took it upon himself to make a PC inside a food cover and actually run it like a normal computer.

As strange as it might sound, the Pasta PC actually worked, which is kind of evident by the video title. Of course, he didn’t use PC components made out of food — our technology is not that advanced yet. However, he did manage to keep everything inside a tasty lasagna.

At around 15 mins into the video, we can see the PC made out of Pasta, running Rocket League quite nicely.

The YouTuber himself didn’t expect anything ground-breaking, but just the fact that he got this crazy idea to work is an achievement in itself, at least in my books.

No computer manufacturer in the market can claim that their PC tastes good — Laplanet Arts definitely can. :D

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