YouTube PiP For iPhone Killed Off Without Ever Releasing It

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Image by Manik Berry/Fossbytes

YouTube Picture-in-Picture mode was dropped for iOS devices by the company. YouTube PiP mode for iPhone started as an experimental feature for iOS last year. But it seems that YouTube didn’t find it super-useful to continue the experimental trial any further.

9to5google revealed in a news report that the picture-in-picture mode feature is not available for iOS anymore.

What is YouTube Picture-in-Picture mode?

YouTube Picture-in-Picture mode is a feature that continues the video/audio playback even when you exit the app. It enables you to multitask while playing the video in a tiny active window with basic playback controls. Users can reopen the YouTube app without closing the picture-in-picture mode. Keep in mind that it is a feature available to the premium-tier users only.

YouTube Picture-in-Picture mode

When did YouTube PiP mode first appear?

According to 9to5google, YouTube Picture-in-Picture mode made its first appearance for iOS users in June 2021. But, it seems that the adoption rate was much slower than the expectations of YouTube. Almost 11 months later, the feature wasn’t able to strike a chord with the iOS users.

Interestingly, YouTube Picture-in-Picture mode is available on Android for years. It was announced when Android Oreo launched and has since been an integral part of the app. You can activate the feature through the app settings.


The current status is that the YouTube Picture-in-Picture mode offering has disappeared from the experimental features page of the website. Earlier, it used to live on the page but now, only “Search with chips on desktop” is the main feature. Some users can still access the feature on their iPhones and iPads. It is accessible to only those users who activated the feature when YouTube announced it in June 2021.

Apple iPhone users who didn’t opt for the app cannot see any option for enabling it now. It seems that YouTube will slowly withdraw the feature from iOS soon. However, the YouTube TV app offers the same feature that is now absent from the original YouTube app for iOS. There are speculations about the YouTube Picture-in-Picture becoming free for all users in the U.S. So, many users will be able to use it without opting for YouTube premium.

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