YouTube Music App Adds Trending Charts For Hottest Songs Playlists


YouTube has announced that its popular Music Charts has been introduced in the YouTube Music app’s home screen. Earlier, they could be viewed from a separate domain, but now they can also be accessed through search. 

The new feature called YouTube Charts will provide you with a list of songs and music videos ranking both in your country and internationally.

YouTube Music app is currently supported in 29 countries, so each territory will have its own set of rank charts. There will be five charts playlists in total — 3 country-specific and 2 global lists.

These charts will give you a better idea of what’s popular and trending. Users can then add them to their library to stay updated on trending songs.

These charts are updated weekly, and they have been around for quite some time now. Introduced in May this year, the Music Charts also show the current position of an artist, song and whether it has moved up or down in the list.

What makes YouTube Charts more interesting is the fact that the company claims its charts are “more accurate” then Billboard’s.

Given that YouTube is already the biggest music streaming platform on the internet, it is looking to use these charts to establish YouTube as an accurate indicator of what’s relevant in the moment.

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Manisha Priyadarshini

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