YouTube-MP3, Largest YouTube Downloader Website Is Shutting Down

YouTube-Mp3 shutdown
YouTube-MP3, you might have known this website for its ability to convert YouTube videos into audio files – known as stream ripping.

According to a report by TF, the operator of YouTube MP3 Philip Matesanz has agreed upon an unknown settlement amount regarding the copyright infringement lawsuit filed by RIAA last year. The final judgment is yet to be made.

The settlement also includes the permanent shutdown of YouTube MP3, and the domain would be transferred to one of the record labels. The label would be a member of RIAA including the likes of Warner Bros, Sony Music, Capitol Music, etc.

The proposed order and injunction (PDF) prevents YouTube MP3’s operator from “knowingly designing, developing, offering, or operating any technology or service that allows or facilitates the practice commonly known as “streamripping”,” or some other copyright infringement related to the matter.

YouTube MP3 is the called the biggest YouTube-ripping website. And with 60 million unique visitors per month, the YouTube downloader site is responsible for around 40% of all illegal stream ripping from YouTube.

Usually, websites like YouTube-MP3 aren’t considered as piracy promoters by the general public. But they contribute to copyright infringement and put a dent in the revenue of the artists, and also breach the copyright protection policies and tools implemented by YouTube.

At the time of writing, YouTube-MP3 was working, but it’s highly unlikely that the website continues to exist after the court rules the final judgment. There also seems to be the possibility of collateral damages; other similar services might also come to an end.

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