YouTube Corrections Will Let You Add Prompts To Correct Mistakes

Now, corrections will popup at relevant timestamps in YouTube videos!

YouTube Corrections Will Let You Add Prompts To Correct Mistakes
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Once you publish a YouTube video, there’s no chance to make edits to it. Taking down a video to make edits to it and then re-uploading it is also a chore. Plus, taking down a video means losing the video impressions and views. YouTube realized the pain of creators and included a “corrections” feature which will solve most of the problems.

YouTube creators had to use the comment section to point out a mistake after publishing a video. They often go unnoticed because viewers, especially on mobile, don’t check the comments section. But the new corrections feature lets them highlight the mistakes.

YouTube Corrections Feature: Explained

After posting their videos on the platform, creators can now use the YouTube Corrections feature. They can add corrections at relevant timestamps, which will serve as the correct information. Even if some mistakes exist in the video, creators can correct them. YouTube’s Creator Insider channel posted a detailed video to guide creators using the feature. When viewers see a correction, they can tap on it to view the correction and then continue with the video.

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How to add corrections to a YouTube Video
If you are a creator who wishes to use the corrections feature, here’s how you can do it:

  • Open YouTube Studio on your system and log in.
  • Navigate to the left-hand side menu and select Content.
  • Click on the video title or thumbnail that you want to make corrections.
  • Then select the video and add relevant corrections at matching timestamps.

YouTube Corrections feature will change the way creators can make corrections to older videos. If a fact or claim becomes incorrect with time, but the video is still getting engaged, they can fix it. Still, YouTube comments spam is getting out of hand despite the company’s efforts to manage it. Are you a YouTube creator? Will you use the new feature to correct incorrect statements? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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