Your Next Wi-Fi Router Could Get A Magical Power You Can’t Imagine


Short Bytes: Researchers from MIT University have designed an algorithm to read human emotions through wireless signals. They have made a device called ‘ EQ Radio’ that works on signals and not on body sensors. This device will calculate the minuscule variations in heartbeats to determine the emotions. Project lead  Dina Katabi believes this project will come out as a great support to the medical sciences as a diagnosis to many diseases.

About Wi-fi, you might possibly discuss its range, multiple access points, network security or data security, etc. But what if somebody interferes the discussion and adds that Wifi can read human emotions, something you possibly might not believe? Obviously, why would you, it is like placing computer and technical science with psychology in the same division.

Anyways, we know human emotions are very complex. It is a hard task to exactly know what the other person is feeling. But what if technology lets us know about someone’s feeling?

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has come out with a device called ‘EQ Radio‘ that will help detect emotions using wireless connections.

The device uses breathing and heart rhythms calculating minute changes and is 87% accurate in detecting the emotions.

The project lead Dina Katabi says, “Our work shows that wireless signals can capture information about human behavior that is not always visible to the naked eye.” Katabi also added that the team aims to bring a result that would help medical sciences to diagnose conditions like depression and anxiety.

The EQ Radio which uses wireless signals and no on-body sensors, measures heart beats just like an ECG machine. The error margin of EQ Radio is just 0.3%.

The wireless signals emitted by the device is reflected off by the individual’s body back to the device. The reflections are broken into individual heart beats to check the small variations that would determine the levels of arousal and positive affect. If an individual’s signals show low arousal and negative affect, it implies he is sad.

If compared, EQ Radio is more accurate in detecting the emotions than Microsoft’s Emotion API which examines only facial expressions.

Much to our surprise, the system can also find if anybody’s heart skips a beat. This opens up and further proposes a lot of diagnostic possibilities of many diseases.

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Source: MITTheNextWeb

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