You’ll Probably Not Buy A Tesla After Reading This Thread

Tesla is clearly ignoring its customers!

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Tesla stands apart from the crowd because of being the first few brands to focus on the EV market. Even you might be thinking of making the switch to an EV and the very first thought would be Tesla. But an existing Tesla customer shared his plight on Twitter regarding his horrendous experience with EV maker.

Suhail is a programmer and the founder of Migthyapp, a lightweight browser. He is also a not-so-proud owner of Tesla after his recent experience with the company.

What is the problem with Suhail’s Tesla?

Suhail was experiencing problems with his Tesla. The official support team came and tried to resolve his issues with the vehicle. But according to him, they made it even worse than it was before. The new problems include a non-functioning GPS system, routine dashboard crashes, a highly unresponsive console, and much more.

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The problem began afterward when he tried to recontact the team to fix the new bugs that ruined his driving experience. But he wasn’t able to connect with the team directly. Tesla customers can only raise a support request via the chat app/automated calls. There is no direct number to call and talk to a real person.

Tesla even scheduled his appointment early in the morning which is impossible for an office-goer to attend. Then they rescheduled the appointment to a later date and time. Furthermore, the company told him that his car was out of warranty and he will have to pay for the repairs.

Suhail is not the only person who is plagued by Tesla car problems. Another user shared how bubbles appeared on his headrest and Tesla blamed it as a result of hair oil. All these problems point to one thing, Tesla is clearly lacking customer support. It is very difficult to reach them and schedule an appointment. Even if you miraculously manage to get one, it could be a couple of months in some cases.

Tesla should focus on this crucial aspect of customer service and prompt grievance resolution. Not everyone can afford to put their cars in the garage for two months and use a spare one while Tesla takes its sweet time to respond.

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