After Meta-Oculus, You’ll Need A Google Account To Use Fitbit By 2023

The deadline's 2025!

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Google bought Fitbit back in 2021 after it emerged as a promising wearable brand trusted by many. Google and almost every other big tech brand have a habit of acquiring competitors which stand out. Similarly, Nest merged with Google sometime back, when it had a flourishing lineup of home automation and security devices.

Fitbit by Google branding introduced a while back makes it clear that it is a brand by Google. But you will soon have to use a Google account on your Fitbit devices. The usage of Fitbit accounts will be slowly phased out by 2025.

Google Account On Fitbit

From 2023, all Fitbit users will have to use a Google account on their devices to log in. New device users will have to create an account if they already don’t have one in order to take full control of their device and data.

Fitbit says that old Fitbit users can continue to use the old Fitbit account up to 2025, but there are some downsides to that approach. Google account integration will be done to offer seamless account access along with heightened security features.

In addition, access to new Fitbit features will available for those who switch to the Google account. The thought of submitting personal health data to the biggest digital advertisement company seems scary, but Google assures you that your data will not be available to advertisers.

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Currently, you can sign up and use a Fitbit account on your wearables. It even offers 2FA to help secure your account better. But adding Google account stipulation means that Fitbit will officially enter Google’s ecosystem. While Google promises more security and exclusive features, you have until 2025 to make the decision to sign in using a Google account. The company assures that it will offer more information to ease the transition using notices within the Fitbit app, by email, and in help articles.

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