You Can Jailbreak iPhones With Checkra1n Using A Rooted Android Device

jailbreaking an iPhone using rooted Android device
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Jailbreaking iPhones is a bit difficult compared to rooting an Android device; however, if done right, it removes a lot of protection walls established by Apple and opens up a new world for iPhone users.

Apple doesn’t like opening up iPhones to third-party developers; hence it keeps on targeting jailbreaks via rolling out patches periodically.

However, Apple is yet to deal with Checkra1n since the jailbreak targets a flaw in the Boot ROM, instead of a flaw in iOS. Hence, Checkra1n has emerged as one of the most reliable solutions for jailbreaking on iPhones, not only because it works across software updates, but it is also the first jailbreak for Apple devices running on iOS 13.

Recently, Checkra1n got the support for Linux platforms i.e. users can jailbreak their device via a Linux computer. Now, as shown by a Reddit user, one can also jailbreak iPhones using a rooted Android device.

Interested users can look up the steps in the Reddit post. If you’ve been rooting Android devices, following the jailbreaking steps won’t be much of a big deal.

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One big drawback with Checkra1n is that the users are supposed to re-jailbreak an iPhone every time they reboot the device.

Jailbreaking iPhone

Jailbreaking using a rooted Android device isn’t much different from the conventional steps, only this time you will need an Android phone.

To jailbreak via Checkra1n, one requires a compatible iOS device, including iPhone 5s or newer versions like iPhone X, iPhone XR with iOS 12.3 or above, a rooted Android device as it can work as a better solution instead of a Mac or Linux PC.

To establish a connection between the rooted Android device and the iPhone, one will need a connector too. Bear in mind that jailbreaking iPhones will void the warranty of your device.

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