You Can Now Install LineageOS 19 On The OnePlus 9/9 Pro

Go ahead and try LineageOS 19 for yourselves!

You Can Now Install LineageOS 19 On The OnePlus 9/9 Pro
Image Credit: LineageOS

LineageOS has had a legacy of being a prominent custom ROM. Since they have maintained a reputation for being one of the most secure custom ROMs in the Android aftermarket industry. According to XDA Developers, the LineageOS team is rolling out the latest LineageOS 19 support to several devices.

Since the debuting of the ROM earlier this year in April, devices like the Samsung Galaxy S10, POCO F3, and OnePlus 5/5T have received support for the Android 12-based custom ROM. However, the team has added four new devices to the official build roster.

What new devices support LineageOS 19?

You Can Now Install LineageOS 19 On The OnePlus 9/9 Pro
Image Credit: XDA developers

The following devices have received official support for LineageOS 19:

  • OnePlus 9
  • OnePlus 9 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi A1
  • POCO X3 Pro

The OnePlus 9 community is no stranger to Android 12, thanks to the OxygenOS 12 update from the OnePlus and the sheer number of custom ROMs. The POCO X3 Pro also picked up Android 12 from its maker in the form of MIUI 13.

The Mi A1, however, has a different story. Firstly, Xiaomi’s Android One smartphone didn’t get anything beyond Android Pie via official updates. Suppose you’d like to try out LineageOS 19 for yourself on these four devices. In that case, you can go ahead and download the flashable recovery package on their respective wiki pages (linked below):

Sr. No.Device and Forum LinkDevice Codename and Wiki LinkMaintainer
1.OnePlus 9lemonademikeioannina, tangalbert919, ZVNexus
2.OnePlus 9 ProlemonadepLuK1337, bgcngm
3.POCO X3 ProvayuSebaUbuntu
4.Xiaomi Mi A1tissotabhinavgupta371
Credit: XDA developers

Make sure you go through the installation instructions for the Lineage OS and other linked documents in the wiki pages. Including the firmware-related prerequisites and unique boot modes before proceeding to flash LineageOS 19 on your device. Also, make a backup of your data before beginning the installation procedure, as you may lose it.

However, Keep in mind that the official LineageOS 19 release does not include pre-installed Google apps. Lastly, If you want to utilize any Google apps or services, you’ll need to install a compatible GApps package after the ROM is installed. To do so, you can follow the directions in our article on how to obtain and install GApps.

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