XOD: A New And Open Source Visual Programming Language For Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Etc.


Short Bytes: To make the development of Arduino and Raspberry Pi easier, XOD programming language and IDE is coming soon to GitHub. It’s a visual programming language that will allow you to build programs with nodes, which are blocks that represent some physical device operating. Within one week, XOD is entering private alpha and interested users can request an early access to the same.

Compared to the older times when learning to use a computer was complicated due to lack of GUI elements, today, machines and software operating them have become easier. Now, you can build websites using WordPress, create Android apps using MIT App Inventor — all without mastering some programming language.

However, when it comes to hardware tinkering, programming knowledge is a must. To take care of this issue, developers have been trying to create what’s called visual programming languages. Many of them are already popular, including the likes of Node-Red and NoFlo, and others are budding.

One such new visual programming language for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other development boards is XOD. In an email sent to Fossbytes, the creators of XOD programming language told that they’ve added graphical functionality and functional reactive principles. XOD language, XOD IDE, and library sources will be open sourced and published on GitHub once it’s launched.

Developed by Mihail Belogortsev and Nakoryakov Victor, CEO and CTO in Amperka LLC, the biggest Arduino distributor and DIY electronics manufacturer in Russia, XOD aims to make programming more reliable and understandable. 

Compared to other visual programming languages like Node-Red and NoFlo, differs is execution environment. “Node-RED and NoFlo require a full-fledged computer that is capable of running NodeJS programs. At least Raspberry Pi. XOD can be run on much more constrained devices such as microcontrollers and low-end Arduino’s,” XOD creators told me.

It should be noted that XOD is a lower-level programming language. Another thing, XOD is able to let the user build up some missing node using other nodes, without switching to textual programming.

XOD is looking for alpha testers

At the moment, the makers of XOD programming language are looking for early access to the private alpha. You can visit XOD’s website to request the same and help to make it even better.

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