Xiaomi’s Foldable Smartphone In The Making, Hints Leaked In A Video


It’s definitely going to rain foldable smartphones in 2019! After Google was rumored to unveil its first foldable smartphone, the Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi also seems to be following the trail.

In a tweet by the famous tipster Evan Blass, a three-panel foldable device can be seen in the 19-second long video.

While it is difficult to figure out which brand the foldable device belongs to (thanks to the dark background!), the icons appearing on the screen suggest that it is the Xiaomi foldable smartphone is making.

If the short video is anything to go by, the foldable smartphone has one big display which has two folds to it; dividing the screen into three.

Additionally, the display can be folded from both the left fold and the right fold to form one single and compact screen, resembling the Samsung Galaxy S Edge series.

However, there is no word on the tech specifics, and the availability is also in question.

To recall, Samsung and Rouyu recently showcased their foldable smartphones, thus, marking the beginning of the foldable screen era. These smartphones will soon be available for commercial use, and various other companies are also joining the bandwagon.

Meanwhile, there is no confirmation from Xiaomi regarding the making of a foldable device. Therefore, we need to take this information with a grain of salt and wait for more details to conclude.

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Vanshika Malhotra

Vanshika Malhotra

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