Xbox Is Officially The First Console To Support Discord Voice Chat: Why It Matters

Xbox Insiders can try it out!

Xbox Is Officially The First Console To Support Discord Voice Chat: Why It Matters
Image: Xbox

The Xbox voice communications have been overlooked in the last few years. Hence, gamers often find themselves using Discord voice communications to talk to other players, but Xbox is finally paying attention to the issue.

Microsoft and Discord are finally bringing voice calls to the gaming console. The feature is now available to only Xbox Insiders and pretty soon will be rolled out for everyone else, facilitating cross-platform play shenanigans.

Voice chat coming to Xbox

All this points to show that Microsoft is acknowledging the rise and dominance of Discord, which is why it is incorporating the application into its consoles.

To activate the feature, players will have to first download the Xbox mobile app, as you will have to use your smartphone device to transfer Discord calls to the Xbox. Then, connect your Xbox account to the Discord one, and go to the party section through the controller. From there, select the ‘Try Discord Voice’ option, which will open a QR scannable code that you can scan with a mobile phone to link the account.

Image: Xbox

After you have linked your account, you can send Discord voice channels to your console using the mobile application. As of now, it is unclear whether you can join specifically from your Xbox console, as the Discord voice chat box works by transferring calls from Discord to an Xbox.

When will users get it?

The feature is still in the testing phase and is being ‘perfected’ for public use. There is no set time for it to roll out to Xbox owners, but Microsoft typically tests features for a few weeks before launching them to the general public.

The feature will undoubtedly be fascinating and helpful for gamers, who will have the luxury of efficiently communicating with other players. The development is interesting given that Microsoft was in talks to acquire Discord in the last few months. The integration could signify a broader partnership since Discord is becoming more and more popular for community building and networking.

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