Xbox Series X Is Way Ahead Of PS5, Says Ex-PlayStation Developer


Ever since Sony unveiled PlayStation5 specifications, there’s an ongoing debate on which next-gen console is more powerful, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X or Sony’s PS5. Well, it looks like we finally have an answer. Apparently, Chris Grannell, a former PlayStation developer, thinks that Xbox Series X is a “beast” when compared to Sony’s PS5.

We already know that despite leaving behind some important hardware components, Xbox Series X seems way more powerful than PS5 on paper. Nevertheless, many people believe that PS5’s hardware could be better when it comes to actual performance. However, Grannell thinks otherwise.

Sony Underestimated Xbox Series X

In an RDX podcast, Grannel said that PS5 is definitely an impressive piece of hardware. However, it’s slower “on numerous kinds of paths than what Microsoft has put together.”

The ex-PlayStation developer also said that Sony “rested on their laurels” after the success of PS4. As a consequence, the company underestimated what Xbox Series X could do in terms of power, which Microsoft is marketing as the “most powerful” console made ever.

Moreover, Garnnell stated that in terms of real-time ray-tracing, Sony has been caught off guard by Xbox Series X.

“If you look at the throughput and ray-tracing capability of Xbox Series X, then you start to… understand why developers would be saying it’s kind of staggering,” Grannell said in the podcast. “So you’ve got the maths, then you start looking at the real-time ray-tracing capability… that’s where Sony has been caught off guard.”

Also, it’s true that both the consoles offer backward compatibility. But Xbox Series X is ahead of PS5 in this area too. On one hand, Sony is focusing on some PS4 titles, whereas Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is going with every Xbox back catalog.

It’s for sure that after Grannell’s statement, the console war is now more heated than ever. But we can say at the end, it’s all about exclusives. The exclusive games under the banner of each console will decide their market share. 

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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