Write Your Message in the Sky and Name with the Galaxies


Each time we look at the sky we get amazed by its brilliance and vastness . Whenever I need to spend some time alone I go to some field , lie down and watch the skies , its beauty is mesmerizing . I don’t know about you , but I have a fantasy to see my name in the sky made up of the stars and galaxies. So I found out couple of websites that let you do the same. Let us quickly see how to write message in the sky –

1.Romantic Sky

As the name of the website suggests, it allow you to write your name with a million stars. It sounds romantic, right? .

Don’t worry if you are not in love, you can still use it . It contains a message box where you can write your message and then click on the “Generate Button” . A new page will open with your message written in the sky . There are 10 image settings to choose from. You can have your message in the stars appear over a beach, a mountain, a field and more.

2.My Galaxies

This is a web service that is powered by GalaxyZoo . Galaxyzoo is a website dedicated to galaxies . They asked their members (whom they call Zooites ) to look over a million galaxies. From it they prepared a  catalogue of their shapes for scientific use . But some galaxies looked like objects , animals and even alphabets , so from there they started this service where your name is made entirely by galaxies.

Sagar Karira

Sagar Karira

Sagar is a linux enthusiast , amateur blogger , tech. and gadgets lover and a user of FOSS . He spents most of this time in front of the screen . But when he is not striking his keyboard hard, he can be seen having a cup of coffee at a local cafe.
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