Would You Catch Criminals Faster In A Tesla Model 3 Or A Crown Victoria?

Tesla Model 3 Police Car
Image: Out of spec motoring

Should the police switch over to electric cars like Tesla Model 3 instead of driving a gas-guzzling vehicle? Well, that’s what we are answering today.

We recently informed you about a Tesla Model S P85D cop car that was equipped with all the tech used by law enforcement. It had a license plate reader, a shotgun rack in the front, and several other pieces of equipment used by a cop.

Today we’re comparing the Tesla Model 3 against Ford Crown Victoria for the title of “Best Police Car.”

The test was performed by Kyle from Out of Spec Motoring, on a private race track.

Both the Model 3 and Crown Victoria go through two trials: an obstacle course and a high-speed chase, to check their feasibility as a cop car.

Here are the results.

Tesla Model 3 Vs. Crown Victoria: Which One Is The Best Cop Car?

Kyle took out the factor of cost-savings from the comparison of both vehicles. Since they’re cop cars, fuel and electricity will be provided by the government — only the performance of the vehicle matters in the comparison.

In the first test, both cars had to go through an obstacle course in the shortest time possible. Crown Victoria went first, followed by the Tesla Model 3. The course involved a lot of tight cornering, and a unique police maneuver called the J-Turn.

A J-turn is when you back up a car and use the momentum of going backward to turn it around 180 degrees.

I won’t spoil the winner for you. You’ll have to watch the video to know who won.

However, I will talk about how both cars performed individually. The performance of the vehicles, in this scenario, is based on their weight and the power they generate.

Crown Victoria is a heavy car with a V8 and a 4-speed automatic gearbox. While doing a J-Turn, the car had a lot of momentum and went off the line quite fast.

While maneuvering through turns, however, the rear end of the car went sideways a lot. The weight of the vehicle generated a lot of momentum when quickly turning from one corner into another.

Tesla Model 3 Police
Image: Out of spec motoring

Speaking of weight, the Model 3 is equally massive, but a lot of its weight remains concentrated at its base, in the battery pack. It allows the Model 3 to maintain a tight grip in corners. However, since this Model 3 has a Rear Wheel Drive system, the car was pushing from the back and understeered a little bit in corners.

The second test was a cop chase, in which a suspect sped past both the cop car contenders, and they had to catch up to him.

It was an acceleration test, and you can easily guess who won if you can’t then watch the video to find out.

So Which One Is The Better Cop Car?

Irrespective of the result, I think Tesla electric cars are the better police vehicles. They are fast, silent, and full of gadgets that cops might need.

For example, Sentry Mode makes use of the many cameras present in Tesla to monitor your surroundings. If you’re a cop, then having these cameras can become a life-saver.

Highway patrol officers often have to confront Speedsters on the highway, and the additional camera footage will only add to the pack of evidence the cops need to persecute law-breakers.

Another useful feature that Kyle mentioned in the video is the Tesla Dog-Mode. K-9 Police officers can easily leave their dogs inside the car using this mode.

Anyways, that’s what I think. I’d like to know what are your thoughts on this matter?

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