World’s Smallest Wireless Earbuds That Can be Charged Through Phone


pugz earbuds

Short Bytes: Techies and Designers with a background in the mobile industry (Sony, Nokia and Motorola) at PUGZ, a recently launched company in New York, are prototyping world’s smallest earphone that can be charged directly through your phone.

Have you ever struggled with your earphone wires get tangled? I bet, you struggle every day with your earphone wires and think why it happens. We had already published an articles describing the scientific theory behind it – Mystery Solved: Why Do Earphones Always Get Tangled Up in Pocket?

Here is an awesome earphone under-making, which is coming to solve your life long problem with earphones. It is called PUGZ, a small wireless earbud that can be charged through your phone and its minimal size and shape allows perfect fit and music experience.

pugz earbuds

Building a wireless earphone of reasonable size were the bottleneck for a long time with given battery size. Now the progress has reached that point. The first PUGZ earphone is now waiting to go off to production. A full charge takes 40 minutes and provides 4.5 hours of music – and it uses only three percent of battery capacity on an iPhone 6 or equivalent Android phone during charging. Also, you can charge the earphones while using them.

PUGZ, the company behind it, is running a Kickstarter campaign and has already reached the goal.  The campaign is still open for 2 more weeks and you can pre-order your earphone on Kickstarter. Expected time for the delivery of production ready boxes will begin in early November.

Did you like the concept of life-saving earbuds. Tell us in the comments below.

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