IBM Unveils World’s Smallest Computer— “It’s Smaller Than A Grain Of Salt”

ibm world's smallest computer
Image: IBM (Click to enlarge)

From time to time, we keep telling you about the world’s most powerful supercomputers and how Linux conquers them all. But, what about the smallest computers around? In case you’re wondering, I’m not going to tell you about different mini PCs like Raspberry Pi. Instead, it’s about a computer that’s smaller than a grain of salt.

Yes, you read that right. In a development what might look like coming straight from the future, the IBM engineers have created the world’s smallest computer. It happened on the first day of IBM Think 2018, the company’s flagship conference.

As per a Mashable report, the computer is so small that one will need a microscope to see it. Its specific size is 1x1nm and it houses several hundred transistors. This tiny computer packs enough power as the x86 chip from the 1990s.

As shown in the picture at the top, you can see the computer atop a pile of salt on the right.

IBM expects that these computers will act as a data source of blockchain applications. With their help, a device will be able to complete the basic AI tasks and track shipment of goods, fraud, and theft.

The company also expects that such tiny computers will find a place in everyday electronic devices within next 5 years.

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