This Is The World’s Largest Steam Traction Engine Designed In 1905

150 Case is the world's largest steam traction engine
Image: 150 Case website

The 150 Case steam engine was originally built in 1905 by The Case Company. Only 9 of these massive engines were made, and none survived. Then in 2016, Kory Anderson and his team decided to bring back the giant steam engine to life.

How large is the world’s largest steam traction engine? The 150 Case is 25 feet long, 14 feet wide, and 14 feet high. It weighs a massive 75,000 lbs (34,000 Kgs) loaded and packs a 58-inch long firebox.

The original creators of this massive engine discontinued it within two years of introducing it. This was so because there was no real market for such a massive tractor, and railways were more feasible and faster.

The pulling power of world’s largest Steam Traction Engine

Boy, would it be a mistake to even ask the world’s largest the “bro do you even lift” question. Anderson’s 150 Case set a plowing record by pulling 36 John Deere plows. The above video shows the 150 Case achieving this feat and living up to its size and its name.

The Case’s massive pulling power comes from a 14-inch bore and 14-inch stroke engine. It’s a lazy 200 RPM motor that delivers all its torque from the very beginning. With that kind of weight and torque, the 150 Case has a modest top speed of 5.69 mph.

Kory Anderson and his team took 16 months to recreate this iconic engine from scratch. They had to make it from scratch because none of the original 9 150HP Case engines survived the test of time. However, thanks to Anderson’s passion for steam engines, you can now see this one in action.

Where Can I See The 150HP Case?

You can go and personally check out the 150HP Case in all its glory. The world’s largest steam traction engine can be seen at the annual James Valley Threshing Show in Andover, South Dakota.

The 150 also has its own dedicated webpage on the James Valley Threshers Association website. That’s enough to tell that the Case engine is a celebrity at the show and you can go and see it with your own eyes.

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