World’s First Website Went Online 25 Years Ago Today


worlds-first-website-cern-1Short Bytes: 25 years ago today, world’s first website went live at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). It was just a website that had the description of how to set up a server and how to deal with the hypertext-based projects. The website is still live and now reinstated to its original address.

Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989. As a result, the world’s first website went live at CERN to facilitate the automatic information sharing between different universities and students. This happened 25 years ago today.

Marking the anniversary, CERN’s Twitter handle tweeted: “25 years ago today, the 1st webpage ( ) went online.” However, the inaugural page wasn’t public until August 1991 and it was just a simple website explaining how to set up a server and how hypertext-based projects moved ahead.

The British scientist hosted this website on his NeXT computer, which can be still found at CERN. In order to restore the original website, CERN reinstated the website’s original address in 2013.

After the first website went public in 1991, CERN put the Word Wide Web software in the public domain with an open license.

World’s First Website – The way it looks today

Today, CERN’s role has changed and it has evolved from an organization involved in networking research to a giant scientific body busy in smashing sub-atomic particles.

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