World’s First Free Satellite Internet Service For Developing Countries Is Coming Soon

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While we keep telling you about the latest technology-related developments and upcoming technologies like 5G, about 53% of the world’s population remains offline. A big chunk of this population resides in developing nations. Facebook tried to offer free internet with initiative, but it faced setbacks due to its closed-garden ecosystem attitude.

Talia–a popular satellite internet provider in Middle East Asia, Africa, and Europe–is working to deliver on its promise to make uninterrupted data a reality. Quika, a child-company of Talia, is launching a free satellite internet service in 2018 Q2.

The free satellite internet service will be first launched in Africa, and it’ll be followed by subsequent launches in other parts of the world like Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

In case you’re wondering how Quika will support this free internet infrastructure, they’re planning to do so with the help of Quika’s commercial activities for internet providers, enterprises, etc. It might also be possible that users may have to pay a basic deposit or setup cost at the beginning.

As per the press release, Quika uses GEO and LEO constellations to deliver low latency and high-speed internet using satellites with high throughput.

Tech giants like Apple, Google, and SpaceX are also making similar efforts and it’ll be really interesting to see how promises of Quika will turn out in reality in the upcoming months.

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