World’s First AR Contact Lenses Created By Silicon Valley Based Startup


Mojo Vision, a startup based in Silicon Valley, has created the world’s first AR contact lenses. These lenses will provide the users with one of a kind augmented reality experience.

The company has filed around 100 patents after a lot of research related to smart contact lenses. Currently, the company is not going to manufacture the lenses on a large scale but the prototype of the lenses has been created.Mojo lens

Mojo Vision has stated that the smart contact lenses will be the smallest with the densest display at 14,000 pixels per inch. One of the important things is that people will be unable to identify whether a person is wearing smart lenses or not.AR lenses

Users are guaranteed to have a unique experience as the information displayed on the lenses will be visible even after closing the eyes.

Mojo Vision’s CEO on AR contact lenses

Mojo Vision’s CEO Drew Perkins mentioned that the company intends to introduce invisible computing so that users can access information without any distraction as is the case with other wearable AR headsets.

He concluded his statement by saying that the information from the AR-based contact lenses will be available only when users want it to. The information will vanish as soon as users move their focus away towards the real world.

However, contact lenses are categorized as medical devices so a permit will be required from the US Food and Drug Administration. Clinical studies to certify that the lenses will cause no harm to the human eye have already started. Mojo Vision wants to take no risks with their dream project of making people familiar with augmented reality with their AR contact lenses.

Nishit Raghuwanshi

Nishit Raghuwanshi

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