World’s Fastest Camera Freezes Time And Light At 10 Trillion Frames Per Second

World's fastest camera
The trillion-frame-per-second compressed ultrafast photography system: INRS

Technology has advanced to the level that machines can perform operations that were considered outright impossible for human beings. T-CUP – the world’s fastest camera is developed by Jinyang Liang who is an INRS professor and ultrafast imaging specialist.

He, with the help of his colleagues, has developed the T-CUP camera that captures ten trillion frames per second and could freeze time and light.

As reported by INRS University, it is based on the T-CUP system where CUP refers to Compressed Ultrafast Photography technique that is based on random codes to encode and decode the ultrafast dynamical scene by a compressed sensing algorithm, according to The Optical Society of America. The system works on a femtosecond (one quadrillionth of a second) streak camera that also incorporates a data acquisition type that is commonly used in applications like tomography.

T-CUP has set the world record for its real-time imaging speed, and it could be used in futuristic microscopes that found applications in fields such as biomedical, material science amongst other. With the camera, it is possible to analyze the interactions between light and matter at an unparalleled temporal resolution.

Speaking on his invention, Jinyang Liang said, “It’s an achievement in itself, but we already see possibilities for increasing the speed to up to one quadrillion (1015) frames per second!”

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