Can You Guess The Price Of The World’s Smallest AI Chip?


The smallest AI chip in the world called Mipy chip is here. The makers of the chip claim that Mipy is not only the smallest but also the lowest in cost available in the AI chip market.

Developed by the collaboration of a team of Taiwanese researchers from the National Taiwan Normal University and an IC design house ‘AVSdsp,’ this chip has a production cost as low as $1 — yep, you read it right!

This chip has a deep-learning image-recognition AI circuitry incorporated in it that can be used in various large-quantity applications such as home, advertising, education, car, police, security, industrial and toy products.

According to the developers, Mipy is a cooperative integrated circuit that manufacturers can place alongside the main controller chip. It can also be built into any printed circuit board very easily if it has a primary audio-video processing function.

AI-capable chips are the future and will be implemented in pretty much every device in the coming years. All the biggest tech players have already embraced the AI revolution and right from smartphones to self-driving cars, these chips are going to change the way they work now.

Presently, smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home are the cutting edge of artificial intelligence for us, but they mostly rely on network links for their intelligence.

However, that is going change with the inclusion of built-in AI chips that would let them process the voice commands faster and get the tasks done more efficiently. With the production costs getting as low as one dollar for an AI chip, the floodgates for AI-based devices are going to open real soon.

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Manisha Priyadarshini

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