Women-101: From An ‘Engineering’ Point Of View

understanding women science engineering
understanding women science engineering

“I would rather get a degree in engineering and do my PhD than try and understand women” – a man.

For time immemorial, men have always wanted to “understand” women. But they have always failed. Always. I don’t know why. If you’re able enough to get through engineering, it’s a piece of cake to understand women (at least according to me). Because women can be understood if you understand basic laws of science and engineering. For starters, let me put it this way. Did you ever try to balance a switch between ‘on’ and ‘off’? We are kind of like that. We are always trying to balance a switch between ‘on’ and ‘off’. We fail, yet we keep trying. In other words, we are always trying to balance things out.

We want things to be perfect. Orderly. We want stability. Metaphorically speaking, we are always trying (and succeeding sometimes) to defy idealness. I might seem crazy (I think I am crazy), but I will make sense. Keep reading.

Now, basic understanding of thermodynamics can help you understand better. You might have an idea about the second law of thermodynamics. Any thermodynamic process always results in an increase in entropy. Entropy is the state of disorder in a system. Now men; you are always trying to disrupt the order of anything. You want change. Chaos. Excitement. Now women on the other hand, are always striving for perfection. Order. We always want everything to be perfect. For example, your mom. Always managing the family. Trying to bring order. (Am I starting to make sense yet?) . We are always trying to disrupt chaos and disorder ( a double negative statement). We are hence defying a state of idealness. See?

To explain in simpler terms, consider an inclined plane (Everybody has studied them in physics, right?). An ideal one- without friction. Now a block on an ideal inclined plane slides down (because there is no friction). If men are the block, women are like friction. We stabilize you (men). Again, we defied the ideal condition.

–   We are a convergent infinite series, while you are divergent.

–   You are molecules of water; we are the hydrogen bonds holding you together.

–   We want everything, yet we want nothing.

–   We can love you like nothing else can; we can hate you just as much.

–   We can smother you with compassion; we can be just as cold.

–   We can be black, we can be white.

–   We are a perfect paradox.

–   You are time, we are space. Together, we are a continuum. We complete you. You complete us.


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