Woman Sues Apple For ‘Hiding’ Notch In iPhone Xs And Xs Max Advertisements

Apple notch lawsuit

A woman from California has filed a lawsuit against Apple for its deceptive marketing strategy of hiding the notch in advertisements displaying iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

According to a report by the Business Insider, Courtney Davis, a resident of Northern District of California has accused Apple of misleading advertisements that make iPhone Xs and Xs look like they don’t have a notch. When Apple unveiled its two flagship devices this year, it used a black background, which many believe, is to obscure the notch.

As per the woman, she preordered iPhone Xs Max believing that it will not come with a notch as displayed in the advertisements. The complaint read, “Images that disguise the missing pixels on the Products’ screens are prominent on Defendant’s website, as well as in the advertisements of retailers who sell the products.”

In her complaint, the woman also claimed that Apple has displayed false pixel count on its website as the pixels in the rounded corners should not be counted.

Additionally, the complainant said that iPhone 8 Plus is a better and superior device as compared to iPhone X and the latest flagship models. Her claims rest on the ground that iPhone 8 Plus has genuine pixels on its screen and a larger surface area as compared to the latest generation of iPhone.

The lawsuit claims damages from Apple and seeks a class action status. It is highly unlikely that the case will come to court because class action lawsuits usually take a long time to progress.

Apple has not yet responded to the complaint. You can read the entire complaint by visiting this link.

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