The Witcher: Blood Origin Release Schedule, Cast & Synopsis

To the time where it all started.

The Witcher: Blood Origin Release Schedule, Cast and Synopsis
Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s The Witcher has garnered a massive fanbase over the two seasons. Moreover, the streaming giant has finally decided to expand its universe. Subsequently, they are coming up with its prequel series, The Witcher: Blood Origin. It is set 1200 years in the eleven Golden Era, before the Geralt of Rivia’s World. The live-action web series consists of 4 episodes and will depict the time when no monsters existed.

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Furthermore, the show promises to deliver high-octane action scenes and an epic turning point in the world. With that being said, you might be wondering when this masterpiece will arrive. So let’s discuss its release schedule and more down below.

When and where to watch The Witcher: Blood Origin online?

The Witcher: Blood Origin Release Schedule, Cast and Synopsis
Image Credit: Netflix

The epic prequel series is set to premiere on Netflix on December 25, 2022. Since it is a Netflix original series, you won’t be able to stream it anywhere else. So head over to this page to check it out on the platform.

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What will The Witcher: Blood Origin be about?

The new series will feature a new core group of characters. As the trailer explains, it consists of “seven warriors, outcasts, strangers to each other.” Furthermore, the team will be a mix of humans, elves, and dwarven races. With such a bombastic team, the threat will not find its way to our world. We will also meet Jaskier from the main series and witness him covered in blood.

The series began filming in August 2021 in the UK and finished its filming within four months. Moreover, the cast and crew of the miniseries make it more special. So let’s have a look at these talented stars in the next section of this article.

The Witcher: Blood Origin cast and crew

Similar to the main series, the spinoff also boards an ensemble cast who will bring many new characters to life. Along with Joey Batey, the series stars Sophia Brown as Eile, Michelle Yeoh as Scian, Laurence O’Fuarain as Fjall, and many others.

That’s all we have for this article. Are you excited about the prequel series? Let us know your thought in the comments section below.

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