Here Are The Winners Of The Apple Design Awards 2022

Here are the 12 award-winning apps and games for iOS that you can try!

Here Are The Winners Of The Apple Design Awards 2022
Image: Apple

Apple hosted the first-ever Apple Design Awards last year. Yesterday at WWDC22, it shared the list of the 12 winners of the Apple Design Awards 2022 for their contribution to the App Store. Out of 36 finalists, only 12 managed to win the title for the best app/game design.

There were six different categories that recognized one app and game. These categories were: inclusivity, delight and fun, interaction, social impact, visuals and graphics, and innovation. So, one app developer and one game developer grabbed the title in each category.

Apple Design Awards 2022: Who won?

We will elaborate on this category-wise to help you know the ingenious developers behind the creation.


This category honors the developers who provide a great experience by supporting people from diverse backgrounds, abilities, and languages.

Procreate won the inclusivity section award for best app design. Savage Interactive is a developer based in Australia who designed a sketch and painted app for iPad. The distinguishing factors were new accessibility features such as tremor, motion filtering, and color blindness settings.

Wylde Flowers is an arcade game that showcased maximum inclusivity by creating a cast that comprises the LGBTQIA+ representative characters. The game does so without limiting itself to only some ages, cultures, and sexualities.

Delight and Fun

Delight and Fun celebrate apps and games that offer users engaging and satisfying experiences.

Habit is an interactive app that lets you mold yourself into a better person by creating and mastering a habit. It is a fun way to learn a new habit and the short milestones make it seem like a doable task.

Overboard! is a murder mystery game that offers stellar fun levels with multiple endings. Each action causes a different set of events to occur. Thus, it is a refreshing experience every time.

Apple Design Awards 2022
Image: Apple


Interaction rewards developers for offering the highest intuitive interfaces to the users.

Slopes is a GPS-tracking-based app meant for skiers. Despite offering a copious amount of data, the app has intuitive touch controls which gamify the user experience.

A Musical Story is a great aural experience set in the 70s. Players explore the musical memory of the protagonist, which appears super intuitive and engaging.

Social Impact

The social Impact category honors the developer who use their creativity to highlight social issues.

Rebel Girls is an app that shares the stories of influential women. Rather than boring plain text or audio, the app uses original artwork to shed light on women who worked hard to make an impact.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is a game that teaches environmental empathy. It has fun mechanics that help you navigate the gibbon world while learning more about the threats to nature.

Visuals and Graphics

Visuals and Graphics celebrates the apps and games that offer stellar levels of image and animations.

Halide Mark II is a camera app that transforms your screen to look exactly like you’re operating a film camera. It offers a decluttered interface, making it easier for you to capture the best shots.

LEGO Star Wars: Castaways is an Apple Arcade game packing stunning animation and visuals. Gameloft studio designs and publishes the best graphics-intensive games for mobile, and this one is no exception.


The innovation category highlights the best apps and games which integrate Apple tech.

Odio is a music app that has a lifelike ambient sound collection. It supports Spatial Audio, which makes listening to such soothing sounds an ethereal experience.

MARVEL Future Revolution is an RPG that feels like a console game on the iPad. It has rich visuals, animations, and cutscenes that perfectly emulate a rich gaming experience.

These were the 12 apps and games that clinched the title in their respective categories. You can learn more about them on the official blog. How many of them have you tried? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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