Windows XP Successfully Booted On Nintendo Switch


We have already seen Nintendo Switch running on Android and Linux. Now, it’s Windows XP running on the Nintendo Switch.

A Reddit user who goes by the username We1etu1n has revealed how he successfully managed to run Windows XP on the Nintendo Switch. He actually loaded an emulated version of Windows XP that runs via L4T Linux and QEMU.

First of all, he installed Linux on Switch and then used virtualization to run Windows XP through QEMU.

So it goes without saying that the system doesn’t offer the best experience, but according to user We1etu1n who made the whole thing happen, you can play Pinball 3D at full speed.

nintendo Switch Windows XP_2

This is his handheld console after booting Windows XP:

nintendo Switch Windows XP_1

We1etu1n says that it took him 6 hours in total to fully install Windows XP and reach the desktop.

“I’ve been using the Nintendo Switch as my main desktop for the past few days via L4T Linux. I have the Cinnamon DE running and have a 2GB Swap dime in order to keep things nice and smooth.”

He further adds that if you want to install Windows XP on Nintendo Switch, you just have to install QEMU and make a 10GB img as a hard drive. Once that is done, you can install Win XP onto it with QEMU like a virtual machine.

nintendo Switch Windows XP_3

We1etu1n has been using the modified Switch as his PC for the last few days and it seems to be running fine till this point.

Now, all of this may not sound like a huge feat at first, but it definitely highlights the potential of the Nintendo Switch — which has transformed from a gaming console to something more.

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