Windows UI’s “Biggest Change” Since Windows 95 Releasing For Insiders

Apps like Groupy can allow Windows users to group multiple apps in the form of tabs. But soon, with the release of Windows 10 Redstone 4, the functionality is about to become inbuilt in Windows.

With Microsoft currently calling it Sets, the feature would turn Windows into a web browser. It’s probably the most significant change to Windows’ user interface since Windows 95 when the ability to overlap applications was added to the OS.

According to a demo video shared by the company, a user would be able to add a new app in the tabbed interface by clicking the + button next to an app tab. Similar to how we do it in web browsers and choose from the options available.

The first lot of apps supported would be based on UWP, followed by simple desktop apps like Notepad, and then Microsoft will add support for complex apps like Adobe Photoshop.

One reason why the name Sets fit in the picture is that the feature allows users to group apps for a purpose. For instance, if one is doing a college project, they can club all the documents, apps, and web pages together. The users would have the options to disable ‘Sets’ interface if they want.

Sets will work with another big Windows 10 feature, announced earlier this year, known as the Timeline – a visual timeline integrated into the Task View, allowing users to jump back to files, apps, and websites they accessed in the past. The Timeline feature in Windows 10 would take the cross-device experience for the users to a new level.

When using Sets on another computer tied with the same Microsoft account, Timeline would be able to suggest and recover the app tabs a user opened on a different device.

Let’s wait for future Insider builds which will give users a better idea of the two big feature additions to Windows. While Timeline will arrive in the next Insider build, Sets will be served first to a limited audience before rolling out the whole Insider community.

Source: Windows Insider

What are your views on Sets and Timeline? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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