Microsoft Beefs Up Chrome’s Security With Windows Defender Extension


When it comes to security, Microsoft appears to be betting a lot on Windows Defender technologies that find a home in Windows 10, Edge browser, and other Microsoft products.

The company has taken another step and brought Edge’s security features to Google Chrome in the form of an extension called Windows Defender Browser Protection.

Microsoft says that the extension constantly looks for malicious links as you browse the web and alerts when it something matched with its database. For instance, the links in phishing emails and sites that trick users into installing malware on their computer to seal personal information and financial details.

Google Chrome also has built-in security measures to safeguard users against unsafe sites and other malicious actors. But Microsoft, citing 2017 test results from NSS Labs, claims that Edge offers far better protection than Chrome and Firefox.

In comparison to Edge (99%), Chrome offers 87% protection against phishing attacks and Firefox is at 70%.

You can download Windows Defender Browser Protection using this link.

In case, the extension is preventing you from visiting a site that’s fine; you can turn off the toggle button that says “Safeguard against suspicious and malicious sites.” It also includes a link to Microsoft privacy statement because it goes without saying that an extension of such nature has to monitor people’s browsing activities.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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