Windows Core OS To Include Open Source Components


Until a few years ago, Microsoft was considered one of the greatest enemies of the open source world.

However, the recent steps taken by the company shows that things have changed — up to an extent where it might even be ready to open the gates of Windows Core OS to the open-source ecosystem.

According to the LinkedIn profile of one of Microsoft’s security program manager,s open-source components could become more prominent in the Windows Core OS.

This is what the job description of his role at Microsoft reads:

Microsoft OSG Information Security Team, Windows Core — Confidential Program requiring Machine Learning/Data Science knowledge and Program Management skillset to ensure the Security of Windows Core OS from malicious actors and code. Improved the security posture of Windows Open Source Components through initiatives that investigate vulnerabilities found and establish a process for remediation. Improved the overall Program Management skill set, communication, and collaboration throughout the WDG IS organization.

While the specifics are unclear at the moment, it surely points at Microsoft’s commitment towards the open-source world. However, it won’t be surprising if the software giant actually does this.

Microsoft has been contributing more and more to different open source projects, right from becoming the biggest contributor to GitHub to the acquisition of the code repository site.

Besides, users can now run Linux on top of Windows 10 with the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which further brings the two platforms closer.

Other parts of the Windows OS are also reported to go open-source, including its native browser, Microsoft Edge, which is reported to use the Chromium engine this year.

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Manisha Priyadarshini

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