Hack Any Part Of Windows Operating System And Earn Up To $250,000


Short Bytes: Just recently, Microsoft has expanded its bug bounty program and covered all areas of Windows operating system. According to the new announcement, there are many ongoing programs which can help you earn up to $250,000. Specifically, it covers Windows Insider Preview, Windows Defender, Windows Hyper-V, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Back in 2013, Microsoft joined the likes of Google and Mozilla by announcing cash rewards for finding flaws in Internet Explorer 11. Over the time, the company expanded its program and included more parts of Windows operating system to ensure better security.

Now, Redmond has announced that it’s launching a new Windows bug bounty program that would cover all the parts of Windows. It means that if you’re able to find a vulnerability in any part of Windows 10, the company-wide range of exploit reward system will help you earn a handsome amount.

“These Windows bug bounty programs help Microsoft harness the collective intelligence and capabilities of security researchers to help protect customers,” Microsoft says on its website.

Unlike the bug bounties offered in the past, which came with a closing date, the new rewards are ongoing. If you take a look at the list, the program covers Windows Insider Preview, Windows Defender, Microsoft Edge, and more.

While exploiting Windows Defender could help you earn up to $30,000 bounty, targeting Microsoft Hyper-V is more profitable as it offers up to $250,000.

You can take a look at the active Windows bug bounty programs in the chart given below:

windows bug bounty
Source: Microsoft

Apart from Windows, Microsoft is also running a couple of programs for Cloud and .Net and promises rewards up to $15,000 each.

Just in case you find some flaw that might be a match to any of the programs, you can contact Redmond at [email protected] with relevant details.

Good luck!

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