Windows 7 Installed On Android Watch By A Developer. Can You Guess Its Boot Time?


Short Bytes: Nourishing the crazy trend of installing desktop operating systems on smartwatches, a hacker has installed Windows 7 on a tiny Android Wear smartwatch. However, if you are thinking of using the world’s most popular operating system on a tiny 280 x 280 resolution screen and playing a few games of Solitaire, note that Windows 7 takes 3 hours to boot on the device.

In the past, we have seen Windows operating system running on Android smartwatches. They were Windows 95 and Windows 98, not Windows 7, though. We also saw a developer even running Counter-Strike on his smartwatch.

If we talk about all versions of Windows operating system, Windows 7 turns emerges as a winner and still manages to beat its brother Windows 10. So, adding one more device to the endless number of systems running Windows 7, some developer has installed a full-blown Windows 7 on his wearable.

If you’ll ask me about any real benefit of Windows 7 running on Android watch, I’ll reply in negative.

While it’s good to see the world’s most popular operating system running on a tiny smartwatch, it’s painful to use. Before you can even try to get some work done on such a small screen, let me tell you that booting Windows 7 on this devices takes three hours.

It goes without saying that Windows 7 acts as a battery killer for the smartwatch and you need to keep the charger connected to it.

We salute Hacking Jules for being so patient and installing Windows 7 on a glorious 280 x 280 resolution screen.

Watch the video here:

Wanting to take up this challenge? Here’s how to install Windows 7 on your Android Wear smartwatch:

Just in case you are missing Linux, here’s a Linux distro running on Android smartwatch:

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Adarsh Verma

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