You’ll Be Able To Run Windows On Cloud With Windows 365 Cloud PC

Windows 365 will be a subscription-based service where users can customize how powerful their cloud can be.


Microsoft finally took the embargo off Windows 365 Cloud PC today. As the name suggests, it’s a subscription service where users can run virtualized Windows on the cloud.

The service is built on, you guessed it, Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop. It will also allow users to bring their data like apps, tools, settings to their PCs, iPad, Macs, Linux, and even Android devices from Windows 10 or even Windows 11 (once officially out) on the cloud via a browser or remote desktop applications.

Windows 365 Cloud PC: When Will It Be Avialble

The service will be available starting August 2, and the per-month, per-user prices will be revealed on the same date. The plans will depend on the processing power of the virtual desktop. The subscription rate will be constant and will not depend on the amount of time you use it.

With Windows 365, Microsoft wants to simplify the process of setting up and managing Windows. Microsoft’s Director of Product Marketing for Microsoft, Melissa Grant, said, “the use of the two different terms (Windows 365 and Microsoft 365) is “a way to differentiate the difference between the traditional PC experience and the experience powered by the cloud; through Windows 365.”

Adding to that, Grant said, “For small businesses with no IT support, a self-serve option, with many settings automatically applied on their behalf, Windows 365 will likely be the best option.” Users can run all the apps that they use on their Windows PCs, and switching would require minimal effort.

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Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar Mohammed

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