Windows 11 Is Testing File Explorer Tabs And Navigation Updates

You can now use the file explore in tabbed mode on Windows 11!


Windows yesterday announced the release of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25136 to the Dev Channel. The new build brings a much-awaited File Explorer Tabs feature.

Now, you can use tabs in the file explorer which will minimize using a new window each time. The new insider build also introduces updates for widgets on the taskbar. Earlier, only the weather widget could display dynamic content.

But now, the Finance widget also gets the support to display dynamic content. While the new additions sound great, it is possible that not all of these features make it to the final cut.

File Explorer Tabs

File Explorer Tabs will be a game-changer for users. Earlier, working with multiple locations was a bit of a mess in the windows. While many OSs have already adopted the tabbed interface, Windows seemed to lag behind.

But not anymore. Now, you can seamlessly switch between two or more locations without requiring to minimize or cycle between multiple open windows. Apart from the File Explorer Tabs, Windows also introduces some navigation changes to the left pane.

It is much more organized now and the folders which are already pinned don’t appear in the This PC section.

File Explorer Tabs
Image: Windows

The second most noticeable section is the dynamic widgets on the taskbar. Until now, the weather widget displayed dynamic content, but now other widgets will be able to do that as well. The official blog showcases the dynamic finance widget in action which displays the current share price of a company.

Microsoft aims to make the widgets more glanceable without diving deep into the widgets. If the current information looks intriguing, you can open the widget to learn more about the developments.

In addition, Microsoft fixed a lot of inherent bugs which existed in the existing builds of the Dev channel. It requests the users to generously share feedback about the latest built using the inbuilt feedback engine.

One interesting thing about the Dev channel builds is that they offer features for test purposes only. There is no guarantee that Microsoft will retain all the features in future builds. You can try out the latest Insider build by opting for the Windows Insider program.

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