Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25158 Brings Task Bar Refresh, Widget Notifications

Dynamic widgets are here!

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25158 Brings Task Bar Refresh, Widget Notifications
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has recently released the Windows 11 Dev Channel Build 25158. Although it is a pretty minor update, it does bring some interesting aspects, including notifications for widgets and various visual treatments for the search on the taskbar and ISO files.

Windows 11 new build’s features         

Microsoft is rolling out new and more dynamic widgets in your taskbar with notifications badging. After you open a widget board, a banner will appear on the top of the board that provides more information on what triggered the notification badge.

Microsoft is also experimenting and testing various visual treatments for search on the taskbar. It comes as a method for Microsoft to test the long lead feature with experiences that intend to assist in validating concepts inside Windows 11. There are three treatments you may end up seeing

Another high probability is that Microsoft is ending the testing phase of lightweight interactive content on the Windows desktop.

Microsoft’s changelog

Here are some more changes as per the official changelog of Microsoft:

Image: Microsoft

DNS over TLS testing is now available for Windows DNS client query protection. DoT is another protocol in addition to DNS over HTTPS (DoH), which is already supported in Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022. For setup instructions, see the Windows Networking blog post. The setup requires command line use and is recommended for advanced networking users.

The Nyala font has been updated to support syllables for the Gurage language orthography from the Ethiopic Extended-B Unicode range. Also revised and replaced Ethiopic kerning to fix gaps and errors in earlier implementation, improving the overall texture of text in Ethiopic languages.

Microsoft fixed an issue where the Mica material and Acrylic blur effect was rendering incorrectly in OS surfaces like the Start menu, Notification Center, and other areas in recent flights.

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