If You Think Your PC/Laptop Is Windows 11 Compatible, You May Be Disappointed

Running Intel 7th Gen or lower? Your PC might not be eligible for Windows 11 update.


Right after Microsoft announced the next version of Windows, i.e., Windows 11, it’s started trending all over the internet, and why not? It brings many design changes and improvements that an existing Windows 10 user would love to try out. Everyone was excited about it until this Tweet from Tom Warren, a Senior Editor at The Verge.

If you own a computer powered by Intel’s 7th Gen and below or AMD’s 2000 series and below, Windows 11 would be unsupported. This came as a shocker to most Windows fans and ultimately killed their excitement for Windows 11. They started backlashing on Microsoft (still are) for enforcing these rules.

Windows 11 Compatibility: Will You Still Be Able To Run Windows 11

When the Windows 11 system requirements were announced, Microsoft didn’t mention anything about the compatibility with Intel or AMD processors. Because of this, most assumed that they may be able to get Windows 11 running on their Laptops and PCs.

The only new requirement mentioned by Microsoft was Intel’s Trusted Platform Module 2.0. Hence, any computer with Intel’s 4th Gen processors or above would be able to run Windows 11. For those who were getting the “Your PC does not support Windows 11” message when checking if their PC supports Windows 11 or not using the tool Microsoft released, all they needed to do was enable TPM in BIOS, and it worked.

If you’re worried if your PC will be upgradeable to Windows 11, you might still want to keep your hopes alive. One of the Microsoft employees was spotted using a Windows 11 preview build on a Surface Studio 2. It runs on Intel’s 7th Gen i7 processor; hence the chances are that the CPU requirements might not be enforced.

And The Windows 11 Saga Continues

Overall, we think that Microsoft has failed to convey the features and requirements to its users properly. They’re not publicly opening up about the features and eventually confusing people, which is definitely a bad sight. Either way, it will be interesting to see what Microsoft really does after the upcoming insider builds. Until then, stay tuned for more Windows 11 content.

Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar Mohammed

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