Developer Installs Windows 10X On Apple’s MacBook


A few days have passed since Microsoft released the Windows 10X emulator for people to get an idea of what the company has in store for the future.

But that wasn’t enough to satiate the developers’ curiosity, and it didn’t take them much time to port Windows 10X to Apple’s MacBook.

A video clip of Windows 10X running on a 12-inch MacBook (Early 2016) was posted on Twitter by a developer who goes by the name @imbushuo.

In the video, the developer seems to be watching a music video and interacting with the user interface. Interestingly, the display of the MacBook is divided into two parts to emulate dual-screen devices for which the Windows 10X is developed.

However, rumors are floating around that Windows 10X will come to mainstream laptops as well. That being said, the OS should appear a lot different than what it looks like on dual-screen PCs. So, the existing emulator gives only the slightest idea of the experience users would get on conventional laptops.

The port was possible because Microsoft released the Windows 10X Emulator image for public use. The image used by @inbhushuo is based on Windows 10X Insider Preview for version 2004 (Build 16563.1000).

It’s a great achievement in itself that a developer was able to install the OS and make it work in harmony with the Macbook drivers. It also adds to the list of exciting experiments @imbushuo has done in the past, which includes adding MacBook Touchbar support on Windows 10 and installing Windows 10 IoT on a calculator.

Meanwhile, it’s possible to get Windows 10X running on other laptops as well. Another developer @NTAuthority posted an image of Windows 10X installed on a Lenovo ThinkPad T480S.

“Don’t mind the UI flaws, the emulator image has some odd configuration packages installed,” he mentions in the tweet.

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya likes to cover topics related to Microsoft, Windows 10, Apple Watch, and interesting gadgets. But when he is not working, you can find him binge-watching random videos on YouTube (after he has wasted an hour on Netflix trying to find a good show). Reach out at [email protected]
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