Windows 10 vs. OS X: Here’s How Microsoft Is Making Fun Of Apple In New Ads


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Short Bytes: Microsoft has released new ads for promoting Windows 10 and its Surface lineup. In these commercials, Redmond makes fun of Apple’s devices, saying that Mac lacks features like touchscreen and Cortana-powered voice search.

With a series of new ads, Microsoft is rekindling the vintage Mac vs. PC battle. These commercials debuted on TV just before the Oscars ceremony was held on Feb. 28.

The ads featured a pair of women who teach children about insects using a website and call themselves “Bug Chicks”. In these commercials, the women express their views about Windows 10 and praise its features like voice search with Cortana and touch-screen. While doing all these, they don’t forget to tell that these features are not available on Macs.

It’s true that Windows 10 has brought some great features to personal computers to bring our PC experience closer to a mobile one. Microsoft understands the current shift that’s taking place from PCs to mobile devices and it’s on a quest to integrate both platforms. Along the similar lines, by bringing Windows Phone’s Cortana to PCs and touchscreen gestures to Windows 10, Redmond is trying to make a bigger impact on the users.

Each Windows 10 ad calls out a feature that Mac doesn’t have and ends with a tagline, “Windows PCs do more.” Watch these ads below and express your views in the comments section:

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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