Windows 10 PWA: Here Are The New Changes Coming In 2021

Custom title bar for PWAs.


Apart from win32 and UWP, Microsoft has been working hard to make progressive web apps (PWA) a common sight on Windows 10. To this end, the company is working on some new features for Windows 10 PWAs that will bring them closer to the native app experience.

New Features For Windows 10 PWA

As you know, a Windows 10 PWA runs inside a window powered by Microsoft Edge in the background. The new stuff Microsoft is working is allowing developers to change the appearance of the title bar of a PWA on Windows 10.

In addition, it’s working on a feature called Windows Controls Overlay which will allow devs to add a custom search bar, navigation buttons, and a logo as well.

Microsoft Edge PWA Custom Title Bar

The information comes from a technical document from Microsoft Edge engineer Amanda Baker, which was obtained by Techtsp.

Currently, a PWA app on Windows 10 allows the users to minimize/maximize, change zoom levels, cast it to Chromecast, etc. among various options. The app can also be pinned to the taskbar and uninstalled from the Settings app like a regular Windows app.

The new features will arrive on other operating systems as well where Edge is available and the window control options offered will depend on the host operating system.

When will we see the new PWA title bar?

The upcoming changes to the taskbar bar will make it visually indistinguishable from the one we see on the native apps. However, there is no word on the release date of the feature, which could be weeks or even months from now.

One thing Techtsp notes is that the customizable title bar will arrive on Chrome as well, since both the browsers use Chromium as their source. You can even test the under-development feature in Chrome://flags.

PWAs have gained much traction in recent years owing to some great perks they offer to both users and developers. The biggest of them is that a single PWA can run on different operating systems without any compatibility issues as it runs inside a web browser.

For users, they can install a PWA in just a few seconds with maybe one or two clicks. All these things are the reasons Microsoft and other tech giants are trying to make them better and more useful as we speak.

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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