Windows 10 October Update Finally Back On Track; Automatic Rollout Begins

Microsoft and Windows 10

After lots of ups and downs, the Windows 10 October Update is finally back on its track. Microsoft has started pushing the October update to Windows 10 users automatically.

In other words, the Windows 10 October update aka version 1809 would be (hopefully) free of any significant bugs and glitches. For you, it also means that you can safely click on the “Check For Update” button, an action which was disastrous only a few days earlier.

Since the official release of the Windows 1809 update back in October, users have faced several issues. Af first, it was the nasty file-deletion bug that wiped out users files and data, after installing the update.

Even though Microsoft pulled the plug and fixed the issue, users who installed the October update still had troublesome days with broken fonts, display issues, sound not working and more. Following which, Microsoft finally seemed to pull through the dark tunnel and re-released Windows 10 October update.

However, the disappointment for Windows users continued as they have been facing issues at some point or the other. But it is worth noting the new year’s issues are much less than what we saw last year.

Now that Microsoft is rolling out the update to everyone, unlike earlier where it was only available for advanced users, it’s safe to assume that the era of “major” issues in Windows 10 October Update is finally over.

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