Microsoft Finds A New Way To Stop Buggy Windows 10 Updates


The last few Windows 10 feature updates have been known for their bugs and issues that many users faced. One of the reasons behind it is incompatible device drivers.

Finally, Microsoft has come up with a new plan that, if not completely halt, will reduce the problems related to Windows Updates.

The company will allow device manufacturers to request update blocks for Windows 10 feature updates if a device is running an incompatible driver version.

Incompatible drivers can lead to problems like a driver crash, BSOD, data loss, connectivity loss, security issues, etc.

Microsoft says it will hold the feature update rollout for the affected devices for 30 to 60 days. The block will be removed once the manufacturer submits an updated driver via the Hardware Dev Center portal, and it gets approved by Microsoft.

Currently, the company is finding it hard to schedule driver releases alongside OS updates. Microsoft says there have been “driver release incidents which occur outside of normal business hours (Redmond time) which impact our ability to intervene and prevent additional devices from receiving ‘poor’ drivers.”

Many partners have requested the company to come up with a predictable driver release cadence. As a result, Microsoft has mentioned all the dates, including national holidays, weekends, etc. when it won’t be able to address compatibility issues and approve drivers. Of course, device makers can request for exception releases.

Also, in the case of Patch Tuesday, drivers with pending approvals won’t be released a day before or after the update. In the case of Feature Updates, unapproved drivers won’t be shipped two days before and after the release of the update.

Overall, Microsoft is trying to deliver bug-free updates to Windows users, even though it hasn’t had a lot of success in a while. Let’s see what the latest changes bring on to the table.

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya likes to cover topics related to Microsoft, Windows 10, Apple Watch, and interesting gadgets. But when he is not working, you can find him binge-watching random videos on YouTube (after he has wasted an hour on Netflix trying to find a good show). Reach out at [email protected]
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