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Windows 10 Concept 2020 Design Reddit
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We see a new Windows 10 Concept every now and then. What piques our interest is that concept designers raise the bar every time they try to please our eyes with a visually appealing UI. Of course, it would be a mere coincidence or luck of the designer if Microsoft ends up using the design for Windows 10.

One such Windows 10 Concept Preview has been posted on Reddit by /u/fraaa4 and it’s gaining popularity among the users. It features the new icon set released by Microsoft and flaunts rounded-corner windows and flyout UIs.

The dual-tone window makes the options in the Microsoft Store pop out even more compared to the plain look we have on the current Windows 10.

Even the Taskbar has rounded corners at the top which is complemented by redesigned icons in the Notifications area. Overall, the visually appealing design is quite pleasing to the eyes and gives us a new perspective of the operating system.

The concept also shows a revamped Windows Search menu that features a translucent acrylic background. In fact, the way it looks, it takes away some of the Windows feel that we get from Microsoft’s operating system.

Anyway, this adds to the list of concept UIs we have seen in the past, namely by Kamer Kaan Advan who has become quite famous for his Windows Concepts.

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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