Windows 10 Cloud Operating System ISO Leaks


Short Bytes: Microsoft’s Windows 10 Cloud operating system ISO file has been leaked. It’s a new Windows 10 SKU that’s lightweight and faster. It locks the users to Windows Store apps, just like Chrome OS locks its users to Chrome’s web store. As it’s a very early build, you aren’t advised to install Windows 10 Cloud operating system on your primary computer.

Over the course of past few weeks, we’ve been reading various media reports regarding a new Windows 10 version. It was being speculated that it might be called Windows 10 Cloud. Recently, a Twitter user shared a link to a website that had the ISO files of this new operating system.

This early version of Windows 10 SKU suggests a lightweight version of Windows that’s supposed to take on Chromebooks. It’s also seen as Microsoft’s plan to bring Windows on ARM devices.

The Twitter use @adguard leaked this build which can be installed by you. However, as it’s an early build of Windows 10 Cloud and it’s bound to contain tons of errors, I won’t advise you to install it on a physical device. Also, it’s a leaked version, so you should consider all legal aspects before trying it out.

It should be noted that Windows 10 Cloud will only allow the users to run Universal Windows Platform apps which are available on Windows Store. It’s supposed to compete directly with Google’s Chrome OS, which restricts the users to just Chrome Web Store apps. Personally, I don’t think Microsoft’s strategy will do wonders as the normal users barely visit Windows Store regularly.

About the name Windows 10 “Cloud”, this might be a temporary one. The media reports suggest that Cloud has nothing to do with the cloud. It’s simply a smaller size operating system. As it doesn’t need to include code to support legacy apps, it’s also expected to be faster.

Do you think Windows 10 Cloud operating system is a good move? Don’t forget to drop your views and feedback.

Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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