Microsoft Working On Windows 10 “Andromeda” To Compete With Google


Short Bytes: After Windows 10 Composable Shell and Windows 10 Cloud leaks, there are reports regarding Microsoft working on Windows Andromeda. It’s expected to compete directly with Google’s hybrid OS project Andromeda. Microsoft is expected to realize its OneCore operating system dream with Andromeda. While nothing is certain at the moment, Windows Andromeda feature is unlikely to arrive before Redstone 3.

Back in September 2016, we told you that Google is working on a hybrid OS that’s supposed to be a combination of Android and Chrome OS. The project is currently named Andromeda, but there’s no fixed release date.

Now, surprisingly, it has been revealed that Microsoft is also working on a new project called Andromeda. At the moment, we don’t even know how to address it. So, I’ll stick with “Windows Andromeda.”  Moreover, Microsoft aims to do something similar to Google, i.e., build a hybrid OS that provides a similar experience on all devices. This is something that Microsoft has been trying to achieve for a long time.

As reported by MSPU, Windows Andromeda might be a part of something even bigger, i.e., its new Composable Shell. For those who don’t know, it’s a new adaptive shell that’ll allow the Windows OS to adapt to the device.

Looking at the current state of Microsoft’s operating systems on different devices, they do share the universal OneCore, but the company has designed different shells for them. These shells are used by Microsoft for different Windows 10 devices, including PCs, mobile, Xbox, HoloLens, IoT, etc.

Windows Andromeda is expected to improve and extend the capabilities of Windows 10 Continuum. It’ll get advanced features like toast notifications, resizable windows, PC-like complete taskbar, and other polished components.

About the name Windows Andromeda, I think Microsoft is going to change it. It’s just a codename, just like Windows 10 Cloud.

Windows Andromeda is likely to arrive later this year, but not before Windows 10 Redstone 3. Also, it goes without saying that nothing is certain at the moment.

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