Windows 10 Ads Rely On Babies To Convince Users for Windows 10 Upgrade


For the first Windows 10 ads, Microsoft has roped in children from across the world doing the “usual child things” that amazingly creates in your subconscious a need to have Windows 10. Pretty smart.

You can not possibly ignore these cute babies in the Windows 10 ads. Microsoft’s creative team seems to have realized the captivating powers of the babies in product sales, and has produced five ads with the voiceover explaining to you that why should your child grow with Windows 10.

“Imagine, these kids won’t have to remember passwords or obsess about security”, says the voice in Windows 10 ad; a world where every screen is meant to be touched and their toys (supposedly powered by Windows 10) would listen to them. Against a backdrop of villages and parks, the video shows the kids and Windows 10 growing together.

Microsoft has targeted its existing and future users brilliantly with these Windows 10 ads justifying the latest Windows as the best thing to upgrade to and buy this season. The passwords will replace your kid’s smile with Windows Hello, says the ad. The ads create a chimera where computers will sing to us and tell us a joke.

Windows 10 is set to release on July 29 next week and Microsoft has finally started using innovative and better marketing strategies. In the recently held Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft bragged of having better technology than Google while the CEO Satya Nadella explains why Windows 10 upgrade is free.

Some ads are slightly smaller and more specific like this 15-second Windows 10 ad that implies Cortana as the kid’s personal assistant that knows all about him. I’m still confused how that’s going to happen, but implications of the future in the ad makes it less debatable.

Microsoft has been promoting Windows 10 aggressively. With giving free Windows 10 updates for the next 10 years and now these Windows 10 ads, Microsoft is leaving no stones unturned.

These Windows 10 ads will play on major networks in many countries like UK, US, Japan, France, Australia and Germany. Other countries will be seeing the ads on July 29, after the release of Windows 10 officially.

Did you find these Windows 10 ads captivating, tell us in comments below.

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