What Will Humans Look Like in 100,000 Years?



I was reading something online about human evolution timeline and I came about this project named “What Will Humans Look Like in 100,000 Years?” Artist Nickolay Lamm has collaborated with Dr. Alan Kwan, a PhD in Computational Genomics from Washington University, to illustrate what human beings may look like in next 100,000 years.

Dr. Alan helped him Nickolay Lamm to create the changes which may occur in the human face in future years i.e. in 100,000 years in the future. This was done using zygotic genome engineering. Human biology and human evolution control our future body structure and the way we will look. This proposed change is a result of the same theory.

What we look like today

He writes on his website:

As our understanding of the universe increases, I predict that the human head will trend larger to accommodate a larger brain. But instead of some orthogonal evolutionary path that ends up with the 210th century human a la Futurama’s Morbo the anchor-alien, the rule of viable human biology will still apply and so the entire head will trend larger, though with a bias for a greater cranium growth than facial growth; the human 20,000 years from now would look to us like someone today except we would notice the forehead is subtly too large. By this point, communications lenses will have replaced devices such as Google Glass.

The main and identifiable features will be:

1. Larger eyes due to the dimmer environment of colonies settled further from the Sun than Earth.

2. More pigmented skin to resist the damaging impact of much more harmful UV radiation outside of the Earth’s protective ozone.

3. Thicker eyelids to counterbalance the effects low or no gravity that disrupt and disorient the eyesight of today’s astronauts on the ISS.

He adds, “By this point in time, communications lenses (commlens) in contacts and miniature bone-conduction devices implanted above the ear will work in tandem. Bone-conduction devices, with embedded nanochips, will communicate with some external device for communications and entertainment.”

What Humans Will Look Like in 100,000 Years

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